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Highlights /Features:

• Bluetooth Control
• 1200 m3 wide coverage area
•Essential and Fragrance Oil Diffuser
•20 different intensity
• Time programming
Ultra-fine Atomized Particles



AldroAroma Silver Tower is elegantly design perfect for any table top. Easy Bluetooth control, time programming and multi-intensity programming. Long-lasting scent with advance ultra-fine atomization technology. Perfect for Home, Office and Shop. Take control of ambient scenting with AldroAroma Silver Tower

AldroAroma Silver Tower Diffuser

SKU: A-A301C
  • Dimensions: 148*148*473 mm
    Input Voltage: DC12V
    Power: 5W
    Control: Bluetooth App
    Bottle Capacity: 1000ml PET bottle
    Consumption: 0.3-2.0ml/hr
    N.W: 3.10kgs
    G.W.: 4.50kgs
    Color: Silver
    Material: Aluminum
    Coverage: 400m2(1200m3)

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